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Unbeatable Commercial & Residential Hard Floor Services by Atlanta, GA’s Top Cleaning Professionals!

Hard floor surfaces, like hardwood, vinyl (VCT/LVT), concrete, laminate, and linoleum, can shine and enhance the beauty of your home or business. Although they are durable, it’s incredibly important to ensure that your hard floors are properly taken care of with routine maintenance plans! Without professional care, your floors may start to appear dull, damaged, and uninviting and occasionally, create an unsafe working environment.

With Taylor’s Janitorial, you can rest assured knowing that your floors are professionally cared for and will continue looking their best for years to come! Our technicians are expertly trained and equipped with the highest quality equipment and cleaners. We use 100% environmentally safe cleaners and methods that produce instantly noticeable results that last!


Are Hard Floor Cleaning and Maintenance Services Necessary?

The short answer is ABSOLUTELY! Hard surface flooring is a sound investment in any business or home due to its durability and longevity. However, many people don’t realize how much damage your hard floors actually endure. When you walk into a store, your shoes are most likely tracking in super fine dirt, rock, and other particles. Over time, those seemingly harmless particles can begin to work like sandpaper and scratch the floors with each step taken. Without professional care, you could end up spending thousands of dollars in repairs or replacements! Save yourself the hassle and call on Taylor’s Janitorial & Building Maintenance, LLC!

Hard Floor Buffing.png

Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaning

If your floors suffer from minimal scratches and wear, a professional buffing is a great option to rejuvenate your hard surface flooring. Our technicians use top-of-the-line, high speed buffing equipment to effectively eliminate scuffs and scratches within the protective layers of your floor’s sealant.

Hard Floor Stripping & Waxing.png

Hardwood Floor

For hard surface floors that have slightly deeper scratches or imperfections, a Clean & Polish service may be the best option to ensure your floors are protected. The Clean & Polish process will carefully remove the topmost layer of sealant and with it, remove the scratches and the dull/hazy appearance. Once completed and dried, your floors will sparkle with a glossy finish and have a fresh layer of protective wax to keep them safe from harm!

Hardwood Floor Clean & Polish.png

Hardwood Floor Clean & Polish

Hardwood floors need to be regularly and professionally cleaned in order to prevent irreversible damage to the wooden planks beneath the protective finish. We use commercial grade vacuums and cleaning equipment to pull out all the dirt and grime lodged deep within your hardwood floors. Then, the hardwood floors are agitated with safe and heavy-duty cleaning solutions to be able to apply polish. Once our premier wood polish is applied, your hardwood floors will shine like new and resist damage!


Flexible, Budget-Friendly, and High-Quality Hard Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Services in Atlanta, GA

Let the professionals at Taylor’s Janitorial & Building Maintenance, LLC restore the life and shine that your hard surface floors once had. Our superior maintenance and cleaning solutions are proven effective and guaranteed to produce results that last! We’re proud to provide you with and courteous, efficient, and adaptable service that is done on-time and within your budget.

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